This man SP can awaken dead bodies!

Steven Pressfield, the man can certainly do what I have described in the title! I am writing this aftet the freshest attack of creative insight that took me over entirely on this Sunday morning when I am at this lake in the city that I reside in as part of my morning routine! Here IContinue reading “This man SP can awaken dead bodies!”

Ever tried Hanx writer?….

This is an IOS app that mimics the sound and feel of real life typewriters! In fact I am writing this with Hanx writer as my default keyboard and believe me its fun!  I wondered as you also would, what is this link with Hanx? You have guessed it right, It does have itsContinue reading “Ever tried Hanx writer?….”

I asked bing AI……how can I self publish a book from my blog

Here’s the ‘bing AI’ answer! That’s a great dream to have! Self-publishing a book from your blog posts can be a rewarding and profitable way to share your expertise and passion with the world. There are many steps involved in turning your blog posts into a book, but here are some of the main ones¹²³:Continue reading “I asked bing AI……how can I self publish a book from my blog”

AlphaGo: Hook, Line and Sinker!

Rick Rubin’s ‘The Creative Act: A Way of Being’ was instrumental in AlphaGo coming into my horizon and I have mentioned this before, while consuming content on creativity or for that matter any content, the messages and informations communicated in between the main content form this beautiful layer or web of information that can triggerContinue reading “AlphaGo: Hook, Line and Sinker!”

Quantum biology and spirituality… is there a connection?

I think of spirituality in terms of this ‘difference of experience of existence’ than normal that I feel when I am able to go through with my morning routine, have some me time before starting the day. I have felt a more than noticeable difference in my everyday dealings in my work life during theContinue reading “Quantum biology and spirituality… is there a connection?”

AI: Use it to convert your sketches into breathtaking images!

And they were calling AI image generators creativity killers! I firmly understand now that creativity is in the way we use AI, it is just another tool for creative use! I have tried recreating the set up painted in works of great masters to satisfy the curiosity as to what the space which was depictedContinue reading “AI: Use it to convert your sketches into breathtaking images!”

It is easier to eliminate the wrong options, Instead of searching for the right one!

I don’t know how many of you from the generation Z have come across multiple choice questions,… but our generation, just 1.5 generations before you, have faced multiple choice questions in competitive exams, board exams etc! One phenomenon regarding multiple choice questions is, if you go and look for the right answer, it takes time,Continue reading “It is easier to eliminate the wrong options, Instead of searching for the right one!”

Random Browsing your way to creativity!

Random browsing is the term I started to use some months back to describe this unintentional browsing of YouTube that throws up surprises that you never expected! Serendipity shows up many a times(pun intended!), when you stumble upon something that you were thinking about at some other times(usually in past!) and get shocked out ofContinue reading “Random Browsing your way to creativity!”

Steve Jobs in the machine!

This is about a phenomenon that I have noticed with a few apple devices that I have owned and cherished. Fact remains that these devices very seldom go kaput or show any tendency to stop functioning. One shocking realisation I had with each of these devices( iPhone 6, Apple TV remote, iPod touch, iPod, iPhoneContinue reading “Steve Jobs in the machine!”

“The Hidden Value of Our Online Footprint: Claiming Our Share in the Digital Economy”

The world of social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. From Facebook to Twitter and many more, we use these platforms to connect with friends, share our experiences, and follow our favorite celebrities and brands. But have you ever stopped to think about the immense value that your likes, comments, andContinue reading ““The Hidden Value of Our Online Footprint: Claiming Our Share in the Digital Economy””