Am I the best imperfect version of myself?

If you are spending your days with this constant nagging notion of dissatisfaction, fear, stress, anger….you are the perfect( pun intended in using the word perfect!) candidate to explore this possibility that with conscious, seemingly spontaneous actions, you can fine tune and craft yourself into this piece of art that your inner core longs toContinue reading “Am I the best imperfect version of myself?”

Genuine Intellectual ‘high’ of owning books and not reading them!

Sounds like very weird thing to do but I shall encourage you to try it, totally worth the effort! Owning a book and reading it is a very common, effortless thing to do which also requires generous donation of time that could easily otherwise be invested in worldly pursuits like going for a walk, watchingContinue reading “Genuine Intellectual ‘high’ of owning books and not reading them!”