Random Browsing your way to creativity!

Random browsing is the term I started to use some months back to describe this unintentional browsing of YouTube that throws up surprises that you never expected! Serendipity shows up many a times(pun intended!), when you stumble upon something that you were thinking about at some other times(usually in past!) and get shocked out ofContinue reading “Random Browsing your way to creativity!”

Am I the best imperfect version of myself?

If you are spending your days with this constant nagging notion of dissatisfaction, fear, stress, anger….you are the perfect( pun intended in using the word perfect!) candidate to explore this possibility that with conscious, seemingly spontaneous actions, you can fine tune and craft yourself into this piece of art that your inner core longs toContinue reading “Am I the best imperfect version of myself?”

Morning routine: Add magic to your life!

I understand, the first spontaneous reaction to such titles remains as cliche’ as such articles typically are,” Here comes another one, self help guru, snobbish know all type…..” No, I am not writing this as a person who has tried it all and mixed and mastered this wonderful formulae of life etc… No, I amContinue reading “Morning routine: Add magic to your life!”

YouTube channels that ring the bell for a creative artist!

Sitting on this wrought iron bench after a mini morning walk…listening to ‘ Broken Records’ podcast conversation between Brian Eno and Rick Rubin about Creativity and Music…..This idea just popped into my head that I should give you a glimpse into this list of YouTube channels that I have as a go to list whenContinue reading “YouTube channels that ring the bell for a creative artist!”

“From Cavemen to AI: The Epic Journey of Human Creativity”

Human creativity has always been at the forefront of progress and development. From the discovery of fire to the development of the internet, each milestone has been a testament to our boundless potential for innovation and change. In this article, we will embark on a journey that traces the evolution of human creativity from itsContinue reading ““From Cavemen to AI: The Epic Journey of Human Creativity””

Steve Jobs in the machine!

This is about a phenomenon that I have noticed with a few apple devices that I have owned and cherished. Fact remains that these devices very seldom go kaput or show any tendency to stop functioning. One shocking realisation I had with each of these devices( iPhone 6, Apple TV remote, iPod touch, iPod, iPhoneContinue reading “Steve Jobs in the machine!”

ChatGPT: Introducing itself!

Hello fellow humans, It’s me, ChatGPT, the language model extraordinaire. I am here to tell you all about my capabilities and how I can be of service to you. First and foremost, I am a large language model trained by OpenAI. I have been trained on a diverse range of texts, from classic literature toContinue reading “ChatGPT: Introducing itself!”

Roam Research- Serendipity to Creativity!

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information you have to keep track of on a daily basis? Look no further than Roam Research, the ultimate tool for organization and productivity. Roam Research is a note-taking and organizational tool that allows you to easily connect and cross-reference different pieces of information. It’sContinue reading “Roam Research- Serendipity to Creativity!”