Ever tried Hanx writer?….

Integrated Hanx Writer as my default keyboard and writing is so much fun again!

This is an IOS app that mimics the sound and feel of real life typewriters! In fact I am writing this with Hanx writer as my default keyboard and believe me its fun! 

I wondered as you also would, what is this link with Hanx? You have guessed it right, It does have its link with Tom Hanks, the legend! He talks about “ Percussive quality to writing…” Precisely the point, and very poetically described! One does feel the poetic aspect of writing while ising this app!

Tom Hanks has written this collection of stories titled ” uncommon type” which I came to know just now while looking into his connection with this app, and my next adventure will surely be reading his book! I have pointed out time and again in my blogs how you come across these interesting side stories hidden behind the main content that one is exploring and thats more fum than the main content as it opens out these lateral directions for further creative indulgence!


Published by Archpodu

I believe all of us are Creative works in progress(WIP) at various stages and levels of our own understanding of our abilities… till we get to rest in peace(RIP) hopefully having amassed enough creative works of our own to marvel at on our deathbed and close our eyes with that final Wow! In essence WIP to RIP!

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