Two Interviews… personality-Emad Mostaque

Just sample this: “ Two GB file which has compressed the entire database of images on internet and it can re create images as per your prompt without internet!” If this is not pathbreaking then nothing else is! Oh there is… “ Generative Spotify!” Emad is on fire here! “We have finally figured out how computers can compress information into knowledge!”

Two interviews with Emad Mostaque on YouTube and you will get the gist of where the humanity is heading to in terms of future of technology which is already here in the form of chatGPT and Stable Diffusion! Very interesting to note the origins of Stable Diffusion as Emad mentions in the interviews, was in many ways with how he dealt with one health issue in his family as a father. Keeping such a profound technology open source is simply incredible decision, and humanitarian looking at the implications.

In my personal view these two are the most important interviews of the times that we are living in and really sets the agenda for what we are about to witness( we are already part of this future as chatGPT and Stable Diffusion are already available and millions are using it!)


Published by Archpodu

I believe all of us are Creative works in progress(WIP) at various stages and levels of our own understanding of our abilities… till we get to rest in peace(RIP) hopefully having amassed enough creative works of our own to marvel at on our deathbed and close our eyes with that final Wow! In essence WIP to RIP!

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