Quincy Jones: 12 Notes on life and creativity

Inseparable Music, singing, moves and the extravagant spectacle! Quincy and Michael!

Another precious audiobook that I am listening to currently. Quincy Jones in many ways is the creator of modern pop sound through his work with Michael Jackson! I was initiated into this mesmerising world of unbelievably nuanced and at the same time impactful music when I held the audio cassette of ‘Bad’ in my hand! ‘ Man in the mirror’ being the outright favourite due to unbelievable singing skills on display by Michael Jackson and the music millions of notches ahead of anything that was being dished in the name of music around me in those days! It was the creative upper limit of music to my impressionable mind! I must say this raising of the bar of musical appreciation was Quincy and Michael’s gift to my life, as from that point onwards I had very clear distinction between what I liked and what I disliked musically!

This audiobook becomes one of the most valuable gifts that I could have given myself which could unravel the mystery for me as to how an individual can come up with so many unique sounds that set the tone for an entire industry! As it was expected, Quincy divides this into chapters titled after 12 musical notes starting from A then A# and so on…. I am currently at the point where he describes how the pain of his childhood years got translated into creativity becoming his outlet of expression and music becoming his mother!

Please do yourself a favour that you will never regret, get a copy of this audiobook or Hardcover/ Kindle version of this book and lose yourself in the mesmerising world of Quincy’s genius once again!


Published by Archpodu

I believe all of us are Creative works in progress(WIP) at various stages and levels of our own understanding of our abilities… till we get to rest in peace(RIP) hopefully having amassed enough creative works of our own to marvel at on our deathbed and close our eyes with that final Wow! In essence WIP to RIP!

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