Rekindle the spark! Visit a book store!

There are not many left but still, visit the ones that are left in your vicinity! I just did and it did feel great!

The joy and the reason!

Decided to visit this bookstore perched atop a foodcourt on a busy express highway! And it yielded dividends beyond imagination! Have you experienced this pull towards purchasing physical version of book even when you have the same title in your kindle library? I fought my instincts for a while and then gave in, purchased a few, nothing beats the smell of old pages of a book, except for the smell of first rain on earth!

I met a hero at this bookstore! This single event made this entire trip one of the most valuable Sunday morning drives ever! I was holding in my one arm a few books that I had shortlisted and was searching for more using my other hand. There appears this store assistant seemingly out of nowhere and asks me, “Sir, shall I pick up your books?” I looked at him and my eyes welled up with tears instantly! Here was this man whose one arm was stunted beyond the wrist and he was confidently offering to help me, I immediately felt pity for people like us who have all the faculties working perfectly and we still cannot do things that we have the potential to do! That’s how I met my hero today at this book store which made my day and life special with induction of this new meaning into it!

The Hero at work!


Published by Archpodu

I believe all of us are Creative works in progress(WIP) at various stages and levels of our own understanding of our abilities… till we get to rest in peace(RIP) hopefully having amassed enough creative works of our own to marvel at on our deathbed and close our eyes with that final Wow! In essence WIP to RIP!

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