‘Creative’ brainstorming with AI

During my most recent episode of procrastinating creatively, I entered ‘Brian Eno Lane’ again and came across this app called as ‘Oblique Strategies’. A little more probing revealed that there was a Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt collaboration by the same name which was a deck of cards that contained these random, un related andContinue reading “‘Creative’ brainstorming with AI”

This man SP can awaken dead bodies!

Steven Pressfield, the man can certainly do what I have described in the title! I am writing this aftet the freshest attack of creative insight that took me over entirely on this Sunday morning when I am at this lake in the city that I reside in as part of my morning routine! Here IContinue reading “This man SP can awaken dead bodies!”

Ever tried Hanx writer?….

This is an IOS app that mimics the sound and feel of real life typewriters! In fact I am writing this with Hanx writer as my default keyboard and believe me its fun!  I wondered as you also would, what is this link with Hanx? You have guessed it right, It does have itsContinue reading “Ever tried Hanx writer?….”

Two Interviews…..one personality-Emad Mostaque

Just sample this: “ Two GB file which has compressed the entire database of images on internet and it can re create images as per your prompt without internet!” If this is not pathbreaking then nothing else is! Oh there is… “ Generative Spotify!” Emad is on fire here! “We have finally figured out howContinue reading “Two Interviews…..one personality-Emad Mostaque”

Quincy Jones: 12 Notes on life and creativity

Another precious audiobook that I am listening to currently. Quincy Jones in many ways is the creator of modern pop sound through his work with Michael Jackson! I was initiated into this mesmerising world of unbelievably nuanced and at the same time impactful music when I held the audio cassette of ‘Bad’ in my hand!Continue reading “Quincy Jones: 12 Notes on life and creativity”

Rekindle the spark! Visit a book store!

There are not many left but still, visit the ones that are left in your vicinity! I just did and it did feel great! Decided to visit this bookstore perched atop a foodcourt on a busy express highway! And it yielded dividends beyond imagination! Have you experienced this pull towards purchasing physical version of bookContinue reading “Rekindle the spark! Visit a book store!”

Sound, Smell and nostalgia!

This song really haunts me at times, “I’m going back someday, come what may, to Blue Bayou Where the folks are fun and the world is mine on Blue Bayou Where those fishing boats with their sails afloat If I could only see that familiar sunrise Through sleepy eyes, how happy I’d be” Linda RonstadtContinue reading “Sound, Smell and nostalgia!”