I asked bing AI……how can I self publish a book from my blog

Here’s the ‘bing AI’ answer! That’s a great dream to have! Self-publishing a book from your blog posts can be a rewarding and profitable way to share your expertise and passion with the world. There are many steps involved in turning your blog posts into a book, but here are some of the main ones¹²³:Continue reading “I asked bing AI……how can I self publish a book from my blog”

Jacquard’s loom started IT and AI revolutions…..

There cannot be a better example of how creative ideas can emerge out of two seemingly unrelated concepts that get synthesized into a totally new and at times earth shattering inventions! Would you ever think or imagine that there could be a link between weaving industry and IT revolution transforming into AI revolution now! FromContinue reading “Jacquard’s loom started IT and AI revolutions…..”

Kraftwerks: Revolutionary sound….

This was written in 2009! Lately, the realization that I wouldn’t want to arrive at the end of my life and find nothing worth mentioning in the entire episode that would have just breezed past! Never too late to cultivate and nurture what one had loved to do as a child and left behind inContinue reading “Kraftwerks: Revolutionary sound….”

AlphaGo: Hook, Line and Sinker!

Rick Rubin’s ‘The Creative Act: A Way of Being’ was instrumental in AlphaGo coming into my horizon and I have mentioned this before, while consuming content on creativity or for that matter any content, the messages and informations communicated in between the main content form this beautiful layer or web of information that can triggerContinue reading “AlphaGo: Hook, Line and Sinker!”

Björk- music of AI age!

Ever heard that in future the human race will be able to communicate at a non- physical level,..through thoughts or dreams, well unbelievable enough but something worth munching on if we don’t reject the notion outright like many people did to the notion of flying machines(aircrafts)! The context here is so broad with so manyContinue reading “Björk- music of AI age!”

Tracy Chapman: Eternal beauty of simplicity in music!

I want a ticket to anywhere Maybe we make a deal Maybe together we can get somewhere Anyplace is better Starting from zero got nothing to lose Maybe we’ll make something But me myself I got nothing to prove” Just a sample of lyrics of her most popular song. ” Fast Car” is enough toContinue reading “Tracy Chapman: Eternal beauty of simplicity in music!”

Quantum biology and spirituality… is there a connection?

I think of spirituality in terms of this ‘difference of experience of existence’ than normal that I feel when I am able to go through with my morning routine, have some me time before starting the day. I have felt a more than noticeable difference in my everyday dealings in my work life during theContinue reading “Quantum biology and spirituality… is there a connection?”

AI: Use it to convert your sketches into breathtaking images!

And they were calling AI image generators creativity killers! I firmly understand now that creativity is in the way we use AI, it is just another tool for creative use! I have tried recreating the set up painted in works of great masters to satisfy the curiosity as to what the space which was depictedContinue reading “AI: Use it to convert your sketches into breathtaking images!”

It is easier to eliminate the wrong options, Instead of searching for the right one!

I don’t know how many of you from the generation Z have come across multiple choice questions,… but our generation, just 1.5 generations before you, have faced multiple choice questions in competitive exams, board exams etc! One phenomenon regarding multiple choice questions is, if you go and look for the right answer, it takes time,Continue reading “It is easier to eliminate the wrong options, Instead of searching for the right one!”